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Flower news

Flowers in different countries

Many states have pet flowers. They are even depicted on the arms of countries. For example, in Japan, a chrysanthemum is used as a symbol, in Switzerland - an edelweiss, in Ireland - a clover. In China, a peony is recognized as a national flower, the inhabitants of this country believe in the magical properties of such a plant. And in the United States, individual states also have symbolic flowers. So, in Ohio, this is a red carnation, in Indiana - a forget-me-not.

How many interesting, and in some places even fabulous, flowers hide in themselves: these are cute and fragile creatures that people love, appreciate and cherish so much. If desired, you can replenish the knowledge box about flowers regularly, because new varieties, original plant colors appear almost daily. And the skill of florists allows you to enjoy luxurious bouquets of red or any other shade, spectacular floral arrangements.