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Eustoma - flowers, like roses

What to do when, on the one hand, you want to get away from the traditions, on the other - to choose a spectacular composition that would look solid and expensive? In this case, it is worth looking at the flowers, similar to roses, which at all times were considered a win-win option for different occasions.

Who and when to give eustoma?

A bouquet of eustoma can be given absolutely for any holiday and just like that, for no reason. Lisianthus, or eustoma, is an amazingly beautiful flower, the meaning of which is interpreted differently by different peoples. In some, it means tenderness and sophistication, in others it symbolizes the guardian against troubles and hardships.

What does a Lisianthus / Eustoma flower mean?

Lisianthus / Eustoma is a powerful symbol, above all in the modern sense. This flower means: A wish for a long and happy life. Peace and contentment with what you already have. Gratitude for peace and joy in our lives. Sincere emotions towards someone else. Friendliness and congeniality. Charisma and charm. Admiration, support. Kindness towards others and yourself. The desire to be more open.

How to care for a bouquet so that it lasts longer?

By purchasing blue, purple, pink, white flowers that look like roses, the name of which is already known - eustoma, you need to provide them with the right care. For this you need:

• Obliquely cut off the ends of the stems, remove the leaves from the bottom, which will be below the water level.

• Put the plants in cool water, suitable bottled, spring, filtered, distilled water.

• Add special tools that prolong the life of flowers - thanks to additives, the smallest buds will open, eustoma will remain fresh twice as long.

• The solution should be changed regularly, and the vase should be washed, as the plant is sensitive to bacteria.

• The flower quickly evaporates water, for this reason it is undesirable to put it under the sun or near heating devices.

Depending on the degree of maturity of the flowers, proper care, feeding, decorative bouquet with lisianthus will last from 7 to 14 days.