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Flower news

The Trinity is a joyous beautiful celebration, because in this period all the land is covered with tender colors, fresh, fragrant greens, not yet dried up under the burning summer sun. Blooming fields of rye and wheat, and from the breath of the breeze they are worried like a green, lush sea.

From time immemorial to the Trinity the hostess is bringing house to order and decorating his dwelling. In the old days, on icons and images, the embroidered towels were hung out, the shops were covered with bedspreads, paths and rugs, on the beds were one by one beautifully embroidered pillows.

The main ornament, of course, is flowers and grasses. Men went to the forest, in the field and on the river behind the green branches and swamp herbs. They were decorated with insults, doors in the house, gates and pillars, scattered on the floor, and the house was filled with an unusual juicy aroma of herbs and flowers.

On the Trinity, flowers, mainly of the field, and flowers are made of fragrant herbs and green branches of trees: birches, linden, maple, oak, mountain ash, as well as aire, mint, melissa, lynx and others.

This list at all does not mean that you can not bring a bouquet of roses and a gerber or a hyacinth basket to the Trinity in the temple. However, many traditional flowers can be decorated with traditional herbs or even sprigs of birch, linden and mountain ash. Our florists will help with solving any non-standard task.

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