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Flower news

On the first day of summer in many countries of the world, the Day of Children's Protection is celebrated - a bright and well-celebrated holiday that can be the occasion to present a beautiful bouquet. Who to give flowers on Children's Day? In the first place - the children themselves: a daughter or son will definitely be happy to put a small bouquet in their room. But one can also congratulate those whose work is connected with the upbringing or treatment of children: doctors, nurses, teachers, educators of kindergartens, nurses, tutors.

                                                       Which compositions are better to choose

The bouquets for the Children's Day should not be too large. The child should be comfortable keeping them. Traditionally it is customary to give on children's holiday bright compositions or flowers of light tones: pink, white, blue. A large number of decorative greenery is welcomed, which gives freshness and lightness. Regarding the design, you can use ribbons, small baskets, kraft paper.

Florist Bouquet Express will select the flowers that your child most loves and then decorate them in the original way. You can add candy or a toy to the gift.

Delivery of orders is carried out all over the world. There is also the possibility of self-service in Kiev. You can find out where the nearest salon is in our managers.

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