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Flower news

The name comes from the Greek word "narkao" - "burning", "stunning". The language of daffodil flowers means "deceptive hopes, desires," "selfishness."

The ancient legend of Narcissus tells us that this beautiful young man died, unable to tear his eyes from his reflection in the stream. At the place of his death, wonderful flowers grew - daffodils.

In Europe, daffodils came in 1570 from Constantinople as a gift to the Lord of the Treasury of England. Currently, the most beloved flower of the British, which by popularity even surpassed even the queen of flowers - a rose.

In the East often compared the flower (calling her "Nargis") with the beautiful eyes of her lover; for the ancient Greeks, the narcissus flower was a symbol of death, and in Europe a symbol of love and marriage. The ancient Romans saw the winners of the battles with yellow daffodils, and for the Italians today a bunch of daffodils as a gift means recognition in love. The latest splash of fashion on a daffodil plant has fallen in the late 19th century, and since then the fashion on it and its flavor does not pass. Narcissus is grown massively in the East for the production of essential oils, in China, the New Year is not deprived of fragrant colors of narcissus.

Narcissus is well grown on any soil, provided it is drained and fertile. They can grow both in the illuminated places and in the shade under tree trees. Do not tolerate fertilization of soil with manure, and in one place can remain from 3 to 5 years.

Narcissus is cut in the phase of the painted kidney. Since they release mucus containing toxic substances, they can not be placed in a vase with other flowers. At first, the narcissi should be stored in separate bowls for several hours, after which they will be compatible with other plants. Narcissuses are immersed in water at 1/3 of the length of the stem. You can also refresh them by dipping the plants to the very colors in a deep vessel with a water temperature of about +25 degrees.