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Flower news

Tulip is a symbol of spring and romance

For most of our compatriots, tulips are first of all a symbol of spring. It is these gentle and bright flowers after a long winter one of the first appeared on the shelves of stores.

Together with the warm spring sunshine and the awakening of the nature of many of us, the tulips are tuned to a romantic mood and cause a desire to do good deeds and more openly express their feelings and emotions.

This can be done by giving your beloved woman a bouquet of red tulips.

Bouquets: professional advice

Tulips can be given for any reason. The original bouquets of these flowers can be made on their own, using the recommendations of the florist.

What to keep in mind when placing a bouquet of tulips:

• There is a very flexible stem in the flower; so in order for the bouquet to be in shape, it is necessary to fasten it not only in the lower part of the stem, but also in the upper;

• Since the synthetic packaging looks bad with these colors, it is better to use materials such as felt, a simple ribbon to decorate them;

• The composition may be supplemented with hyacinths, lilies, irises, and also branches of juniper or cypresses.

The main thing when creating a bouquet is to take into account the status and tastes of the person to whom it is intended. If you do not want to create "masterpieces of floristry", you can buy ready-made bouquets in the bouquet-express showrooms)

Bouquets, collected by professionals, look just perfect, and therefore they will surely please even the most demanding person.

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