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Flower news

Orchids - beautiful beings of nature, plants with powerful energy, working to attract love.

Happy owners of a magic flower are happy in relationships and divinely attractive. Mysterious and sophisticated orchids with a strange smell, awaken women's sensuality and soft charm.

Orchids - an elite flower, a flower of the bohemia and the aristocracy, the flower of true creators: poets, musicians and artists. Slender petals of orchids, each time transmitting new shades. Often, women add a couple of colors to their hair to look irresistible and be covered with a halo of secrecy.

There is a legend that once escaping from persecution in the northern forests, the goddess of Venus's beauty came across swamps and swamps, and a sneaker flew from his feet. The beautiful shoe of the goddess immediately turned into a flower - so appeared the shoes of Venus.

Interestingly, orchids, unlike most flowers, do not cause allergies. The aroma of the orchids is very diverse: from delicate aromas with notes of honey and vanilla to the smell of rotten meat. Some species of orchids feed on small insects. In many countries of the wild Africa ancient tribes consider a beautiful tender orchid in which it is not forbidden to have fun. And in China, a beautiful orchid is a symbol of fertility, harmony and many children.

Orchid is really considered a queen of flowers. That is why she is so valued by breeders

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