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15 July 2019
Bouquets for the day of the accountant

Traditionally, July 16 in Ukraine, the Day of the accountant is celebrated. On your professional holiday, your family, friends and colleagues will be happy to receive a beautiful bouquet. You can choose flowers and decorate the composition yourself, but it is better to entrust this important matter to professional florists.

Bouquet with delivery - surprise to the hero of the occasion

In Bouquet Express stores you will find a wide variety of flowers, greenery, and packaging options for bouquets for all occasions. Professional florists according to your desire will select the elements of the composition, which will be harmoniously combined with each other.

Surprise and please your loved one, colleague, boss, friend with a fragrant bouquet of summer flowers at home or in the office by ordering a composition with delivery. You can also pick up the bouquet in the store and congratulate the accountant personally, giving you pleasant emotions.

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09 July 2019
Eustoma - flowers, like roses

Eustoma - flowers, like roses

What to do when, on the one hand, you want to get away from the traditions, on the other - to choose a spectacular composition that would look solid and expensive? In this case, it is worth looking at the flowers, similar to roses, which at all times were considered a win-win option for different occasions.

Who and when to give eustoma?

A bouquet of eustoma can be given absolutely for any holiday and just like that, for no reason. Lisianthus, or eustoma, is an amazingly beautiful flower, the meaning of which is interpreted differently by different peoples. In some, it means tenderness and sophistication, in others it symbolizes the guardian against troubles and hardships.

What does a Lisianthus / Eustoma flower mean?

Lisianthus / Eustoma is a powerful symbol, above all in the modern sense. This flower means: A wish for a long and happy life. Peace and contentment with what you already have. Gratitude for peace and joy in our lives. Sincere emotions towards someone else. Friendliness and congeniality. Charisma and charm. Admiration, support. Kindness towards others and yourself. The desire to be more open.

How to care for a bouquet so that it lasts longer?

By purchasing blue, purple, pink, white flowers that look like roses, the name of which is already known - eustoma, you need to provide them with the right care. For this you need:

• Obliquely cut off the ends of the stems, remove the leaves from the bottom, which will be below the water level.

• Put the plants in cool water, suitable bottled, spring, filtered, distilled water.

• Add special tools that prolong the life of flowers - thanks to additives, the smallest buds will open, eustoma will remain fresh twice as long.

• The solution should be changed regularly, and the vase should be washed, as the plant is sensitive to bacteria.

• The flower quickly evaporates water, for this reason it is undesirable to put it under the sun or near heating devices.

Depending on the degree of maturity of the flowers, proper care, feeding, decorative bouquet with lisianthus will last from 7 to 14 days.


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01 July 2019
The original bridal bouquet of flowers of the bride 2019-2020

Bouquets of the bride are presented with many ideas and a variety of options. Popular flower bouquets for brides with original flowers, such as succulents, wild grapes and other unusual and sometimes unusual flowers for a wedding bouquet.

 Most often, a fashionable bouquet of flowers for the bride consists of one central flower, supplemented by noisy and small flowers or sprigs, which is an excellent alternative to the usual bouquets of flowers for brides.

The bride's bride will be able to find the best ideas and bouquets of flowers from wild and wild flowers, to a greater or lesser extent, complemented by the usual colors and decorations, which is also very popular.

Also, florists offer flower bouquets for brides from the classical and more familiar colors of ours - roses, pions, lilies, hydrangeas, каллы, decorated with wild plants and flowers.


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24 June 2019
Strawberry bouquets

Sweet and unusual gift for loved ones
Did you know that a bouquet can be not only beautiful, fragrant and fresh, but also tasty? A bouquet of strawberries - a gift that wins hearts with juiciness, attractiveness and benefits to the body. Composition, made from delicious berries, is an original gift for any occasion: birthday, wedding, anniversary. Bouquets of strawberries in chocolate will conquer the recipient! In the company "Bouquet Express" you can order strawberry bouquets with delivery and at an affordable price. Various compositions in a box or craft, decorated with flowers, berries, chocolate or greens, will win the hearts of recipients. Florists will make an original gift in accordance with your wishes. We guarantee that the gift will look beautiful and original, while there is a desire to try it!

Features of fruit bouquets 
Sometimes you want to please your loved ones with an original gift. Candy and champagne - it's nice, but trite. It will be much more interesting to present an unusual bouquet of fruit. Such a gift would be appropriate in any situation. Our company will make such a masterpiece for any holiday or family celebration. Bouquets or baskets with fruits and berries will appeal to women, men and children. They will bring not only aesthetic pleasure, but also health benefits. When creating them, we use the freshest fruits. We create fragrant and tasty bouquets of strawberries, pears and apples familiar to everyone, as well as exotic pineapples, coconuts or kiwi. Of course, you can try to make such a composition yourself, but only professionals know the secrets of preserving the color and shape of the cut fruit. Skillful hands of our masters create masterpieces harmoniously combining berries and fruits, depending on color, shape and taste.

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19 June 2019
Gerbera in Florist

There is a wonderful legend about Gerber. Many centuries ago, the Nymph of the Emblem, living in a forest, had indescribable beauty that men and girls admired. But the increased attention to her, soon tired, and she was excited to turn into a wild and inconspicuous gerbera. But this is just a legend, but in reality everything is much simpler.

Gerbera - brought in the XVIII century from Africa, originally from herbaceous perennial flowers. There are more than ten different species. Arriving in Europe, immediately took a high position in the flower market. It looks like a huge, bright, beautiful daisy. Its diameter is usually about 10 centimeters, but there is also a mini gerbera, about 7 cm. The flower is very resistant, in a fresh, not spoiled form it costs about 10–12 days. Since the stem is very fragile, florists, when shipped to stores, wrap with a special florist wire so that you can work with it without difficulty, without fear that it will break.

Bouquets of gerberas - magnificent beauty

Bouquets of gerberas in any flower shop are in the place of honor. It is statistically verified that every fifth buyer decides to buy a bouquet of gerberas all over the world, although they are not sold at every step, but only where the company constantly markets flowers and cooperates with suppliers. The price of gerbera flowers can be considered budget. They are ordered to the office, to businesses, close people, to decorate the premises for the upcoming events, and just like that to a loved one. In addition to beauty and charm, the great advantage of gerberas is that they look fresh and alive for a very long time, much more than roses, carnations, lilies.

How to extend the life of a gerbera?

This flower is not too capricious, compared to others, but still requires special attention.Bought gerberas, before setting into a vase, should be pruned with scissors. Normal temperature habitat - room. Putting in the water, you need to change it every day. Observing light tips, a bouquet can give its freshness much longer.

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10 June 2019
Church holiday Trinity

The Trinity is a joyous beautiful celebration, because in this period all the land is covered with tender colors, fresh, fragrant greens, not yet dried up under the burning summer sun. Blooming fields of rye and wheat, and from the breath of the breeze they are worried like a green, lush sea.

From time immemorial to the Trinity the hostess is bringing house to order and decorating his dwelling. In the old days, on icons and images, the embroidered towels were hung out, the shops were covered with bedspreads, paths and rugs, on the beds were one by one beautifully embroidered pillows.

The main ornament, of course, is flowers and grasses. Men went to the forest, in the field and on the river behind the green branches and swamp herbs. They were decorated with insults, doors in the house, gates and pillars, scattered on the floor, and the house was filled with an unusual juicy aroma of herbs and flowers.

On the Trinity, flowers, mainly of the field, and flowers are made of fragrant herbs and green branches of trees: birches, linden, maple, oak, mountain ash, as well as aire, mint, melissa, lynx and others.

This list at all does not mean that you can not bring a bouquet of roses and a gerber or a hyacinth basket to the Trinity in the temple. However, many traditional flowers can be decorated with traditional herbs or even sprigs of birch, linden and mountain ash. Our florists will help with solving any non-standard task.

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10 June 2019
Day of the medical worker

Bouquet of flowers on a day of a medical worker. Many people congratulate their friends, acquaintances and relatives working in the field of medicine on this holiday. An interesting and unusual bouquet will serve as an excellent reminder that the work of doctors is highly valued and without it. You can express your gratitude in a rather original way - thematically decorated flower compositions will surprise and please everyone who has devoted the life of the medical profession.

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07 June 2019
Father's day

Father's day

Father's Day is an international holiday that is celebrated at the same time all over the world, traditionally - on the third Sunday of June. The United States became the first country in which the parents received a holiday. In recent years, this tradition has become much more popular, and she came to Ukraine.

In order to congratulate her husband on the holiday, giving him a lot of warmth and love, we offer a wide variety of bouquets and compositions.

For the pope it will be a complete surprise to receive a gift that will be transmitted by our courier.

Order on the site to buy flowers for the Father's Day. Your dad is worthy of this gift!

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31 May 2019
Our children are the future of the planet

On the first day of summer in many countries of the world, the Day of Children's Protection is celebrated - a bright and well-celebrated holiday that can be the occasion to present a beautiful bouquet. Who to give flowers on Children's Day? In the first place - the children themselves: a daughter or son will definitely be happy to put a small bouquet in their room. But one can also congratulate those whose work is connected with the upbringing or treatment of children: doctors, nurses, teachers, educators of kindergartens, nurses, tutors.

                                                       Which compositions are better to choose

The bouquets for the Children's Day should not be too large. The child should be comfortable keeping them. Traditionally it is customary to give on children's holiday bright compositions or flowers of light tones: pink, white, blue. A large number of decorative greenery is welcomed, which gives freshness and lightness. Regarding the design, you can use ribbons, small baskets, kraft paper.

Florist Bouquet Express will select the flowers that your child most loves and then decorate them in the original way. You can add candy or a toy to the gift.

Delivery of orders is carried out all over the world. There is also the possibility of self-service in Kiev. You can find out where the nearest salon is in our managers.

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02 May 2019
Mothers Day

Mother's Day is a wonderful occasion to once again surround your beloved mother with attention. And do not necessarily buy expensive gifts, it is easy to bring out a small sign of attention, which, of course, will please the trembling woman's heart and raises the mood of the closest person in life.

Mother's Day is a holiday that allows moms and children to feel closer and more enjoyable. How should a gift on this day be? It should be filled with the warmest, joyful and bright feelings, positive emotions.

What to give mom on Mother's Day?

Of course, flowers. They can be both alive and made by their own hands. Long standing and well preserved their appearance - roses, lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums, dahlias.

An expensive and luxurious gift can be a basket of flowers or a flower arrangement in a hat to the Mother's Day. Our florists will help you decide what to choose and provide for transportation.

If for you is a day of memory, old photos and grief, we will make suitable compositions for the Mother's Day for stacking.

We remain children while our parents are alive. Rate them nearby.

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