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06 October 2019
Народные приметы на 14 октября – Покров Пресвятой Богородицы
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Народные приметы на 14 октября – Покров Пресвятой Богородицы

14 октября Православная церковь празднует Покрова Пресвятой Богородицы – великий праздник, один из самых чтимых в народе. Он установлен в честь события, которое произошло в Константинополе в 910 году. В это время к городу подступили вражеские войска, и жителям только и оставалось, что молиться Богу и уповать на его помощь.

Во время богослужения блаженный Андрей и его ученик Епифаний стали свидетелями явления Божьей Матери, которая простерла свой покров (головное покрывало – мафорий, или омофор) над молящимися людьми в знак своего заступничества от страданий и невзгод. Этим покрывалом Пречистая оберегает верующих, шлет им радость и любовь, подкрепляя их силу и дух, помогая в трудных ситуациях, а также исцеляя от болезней.

Для наших предков память о том, как Богоматерь простерла свой покров над людьми, молящимися в храме, имела глубокий смысл, потому что считается, что над Русью тоже простерт покров Богородицы.Традиции и приметы дня

Покров Пресвятой Богородицы – большой православный праздник. Однако за многие годы своего существования церковные традиции этого дня тесно переплелись с народными обычаями.

По народным приметам «на Покров до обеда осень, а после обеда зима». Если ветер северный, зима будет холодной и снежной, если южный – теплой. Если снег покрыл землю, жди морозной и снежной зимы на все три месяца. Если день без снега и дождя, осень будет затяжной. Если на Покров ветер — зима будет переменчивой, а весна - холодной и ветреной. Если первый снег выпал до Покрова, то зима вступит в свои права еще не скоро.

Хорошей приметой считается играть свадьбу на Покров. Дождь же в этот день сулит молодым счастливую и долгую семейную жизнь.

Что можно и чего нельзя делать на Покров

Нельзя делать серьезную хозяйственную работу. Например, строить, копать, убирать, стирать, шить, вязать, гладить. Нельзя занимать деньги, а также ругаться с людьми.

На Покров впервые протапливали печь, причем полагалось в качестве дров использовать нарубленные сухие ветки плодовых деревьев: тогда на будущий год будет хороший урожай.

Желательно всей семьей пойти в церковь, поставить свечи, помолиться и попросить Богородицу о заступничестве. Незамужние девушки в старину ставили свечи Богородице, молились ей и просили послать хороших женихов.

В этот же день пекли блины, что было знаком «утепления» дома. Считается, что чем больше в доме будет приготовлено вкусных блюд, тем теплее и уютнее будет зимой.

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29 September 2019
Day of music

Day of music

International Music Day, celebrated annually on October 1, starting in 1975, was established at the initiative of the International Music Council (IMC) at UNESCO two years earlier at the 15th General Assembly of IMC in Lausanne.

One of the initiators of the establishment of International Music Day was the composer Dmitry Shostakovich.

The festival is celebrated annually around the world with large concert programs, with the participation of the best artists and art groups. On this day, compositions that are included in the treasury of world culture sound. Creative meetings are also held with composers, performers, musicologists, thematic exhibitions and educational events are organized, which contributes to the goal of disseminating music as art in a variety of communities.

Music (from the Greek musike, literally - "the art of muses") is a form of art in which organized musical sounds serve as a means of embodiment of artistic images. Humanity has been familiar with music since ancient times. Caves of Africa preserved rock paintings of long-extinct tribes. The figures depict people with musical instruments. We will never hear that music, but once it brightened up people's lives, made them rejoice or sad.

In 2000, Chinese archaeologists discovered a museum of musical instruments created two thousand years ago, during the Han Dynasty.

Music has tremendous power. There are few people in the world who are indifferent to music. Many composers tried to express the state of their soul through it. Their great names will always be gratefully pronounced by descendants. Music does not age, it will live as long as a person will exist.

International Music Day also implements the idea of rapprochement and friendship between nations, mutual enrichment of cultures, because the language of music is international and understandable to everyone who feels ..


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20 September 2019
Interesting gift ideas for girls

Interesting gift ideas for girls

Many people think that it is very difficult to pick up a gift and really please. But if you approach the choice of a gift with wisdom and creativity, the task is absolutely solvable. Some great options to impress your favorite:

The simplest and at the same time effective way is to create something romantic and memorable on her birthday, and as ideas you can stop at:

Serenade under the window of your beloved.

You have a beautiful bouquet in your hands and you have chosen the right words - what is missing? Of course, the accompaniment! And it can only be a saxophone! Any melody of your choice subtly complements what you have said and helps to touch the most tender strings of the soul of your vis-a-vis.


This is a quest in the process of which she will look for her treasured gift according to the small clues left by you. If you doubt your strength, then you can go with her to the quest rooms or order an individual adventure at home, or even throughout the city.

Live butterflies.

Do you want to make your holiday truly unique? Refined flowers, unique aroma, riot of colors ... what is missing? Of course, butterflies! A weightless flutter of wings will envelop your guests with wonderful magic, the echoes of which will forever remain in your memory. The company "BUKETEXPRESS" with pleasure will help you in choosing and ordering butterflies directly to your celebration.

Balloon flight.

This is not just a very romantic trip, but also the opportunity to take pictures of your favorite city and its environs from above.


Well, which girl will refuse to go on a yacht in the company of a loved one and a bottle of champagne? Believe me, she will definitely appreciate such a present.

The mime show.

I would like something original ?! Give a holiday together with the bouquet :) Every second person at least once has heard of silent actors who give joy to everyone around. And even the most severe and inaccessible people begin to blur in a smile while communicating with a mime.

The original bouquet.

If you want to give her a bouquet, but don't want it to be banal, you should seek help from our creative florists who are able to create a composition from sweets, vegetables, fruits or from her favorite snacks.

Dinner on the roof.

Such an event certainly will not go unnoticed for her, because it is one of the most popular options for romantic dinners that can only be. Moreover, there are a lot of similar sites, and in addition to the breathtaking look, you will get delicious food, drinks, and an incredible atmosphere.asmall6318 slider6322 slider

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15 September 2019
The magic of autumn flowers

Autumn flowers

September is an amazing month. He does not come, and gradually penetrates the yellow lights in the blue of summer, a little sprinkling drizzling clouds and a whitish fog. It allows the fly to slowly say goodbye to us, leaving the still warm earth, autumn flowers, as evidence of his love and sorrow of parting. Maybe that's why flowers September so touching and achingly beautiful...


Someone rightly said, if the Earth of color left only the Phlox, and then the planet was still beautiful – so rich and diverse world of these beautiful flowers. In September, the flourishing Phlox paniculata (Phlox paniculata) – tall, with bright juicy color gentle quivering petals.

Breeders worked very hard, and today vacationers can decorate flower beds paniculata Phlox variety of colors – pink, scarlet and Carmine, claret and crimson, lilac, purple and even striped!

In September, the garden Phlox adorn the late flowering period – 'Vladimir', 'Cloud', 'Andre' and 'Creme de la Mente', 'Anna', light salmon 'Bornimer Nachsommer', white blue 'New' tricolor 'Margry'... and this is the latest blooming this year.

Select varieties of Phlox paniculata in our directory, which contains proposals of major online stores of seeds and planting material.

The language of flowers Phlox means "flame of your lips", it turns out that the September phloxes give us a goodbye kiss from the past summer...

Gelenium autumn

Gelenium – a true gift of the fall. Its flowers are so numerous and beautiful that a fully-blooming shrub like festive fireworks from Sunny yellow, brick-red or orange-red droplets-splashes. High bushes gelenium resemble large compact bunch and always be an autumn decoration for any suburban area.

One legend says that bright Sunny flower named after the beautiful wife of Menelaus of Helen, the abduction which her beloved Paris was the cause of the Trojan war. They say that extraordinary vibrant color of gelenium resembles gold hair Elena... everything can be, although the assumption that the flower is called "drop the Sun" is also no worse.


Rudbeckia like a bright yellow Daisy with a dark velvety middle that Sunny blooms will delight us throughout September. A native of the prairies of North America, in our flowerbeds it нашла his second home, settled down well and everyone loved. Earlier rudbeckia split (Rudbeckia laciniata) we have experienced growth in almost every backyard, every front garden, and all were known as "Golden balls". Many people and have still fond memories of her as a flower child.


These cute touching flowers reminiscent of spring primroses. Delicate and light, they conquer their helplessness in anticipation of winter, and the striking contrast between the warm and the cold purity of the petals aging signs of nature.

The name is of Greek origin, its philosophical interpretation means something like: "the wind, revealing the flower in the end will take the withered petals". But despite the visual fragility and the inevitable cold, anemones show a remarkable durability and very low maintenance.

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08 September 2019
Flowers in different countries

Flowers in different countries

Many states have pet flowers. They are even depicted on the arms of countries. For example, in Japan, a chrysanthemum is used as a symbol, in Switzerland - an edelweiss, in Ireland - a clover. In China, a peony is recognized as a national flower, the inhabitants of this country believe in the magical properties of such a plant. And in the United States, individual states also have symbolic flowers. So, in Ohio, this is a red carnation, in Indiana - a forget-me-not.

How many interesting, and in some places even fabulous, flowers hide in themselves: these are cute and fragile creatures that people love, appreciate and cherish so much. If desired, you can replenish the knowledge box about flowers regularly, because new varieties, original plant colors appear almost daily. And the skill of florists allows you to enjoy luxurious bouquets of red or any other shade, spectacular floral arrangements.


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01 September 2019
Rose - Queen of Flowers

Rose - Queen of Flowers

The rose will always express the diversity of feelings, the beauty of the flower simply enchants. For the Greeks, the rosebud was a symbol of infinity, with no beginning or end. “Virgin-rose”, so-called young girls, recalling that their age of beauty is short-lived, the captivating beauty of a rose reminded of the short-term beauty, the transience of human life.
And in Rome, a rose was considered a sign of courage, the soldiers put on wreaths of beautiful flowers on their helmets: it was believed that in this way they instill courage and courage in their hearts.

A rose without thorns means love at first sight, and according to Christian legend, after the ancestors were expelled from paradise, thorns appeared on the rose as a reminder of mortal sin.

Tea rose - constancy, it recalls the warm and memorable moments of the meetings.

White rose is a symbol of innocence and purity. According to legend, the archangel Gabriel presented a wreath of white yellow and red roses to the Most Holy Theotokos. A wreath of white roses meant her joy, of red - her suffering, of yellow - her glory.

Red roses are a symbol of passion and true love, a sign of respect and admiration.

Pink roses - the beginning of a new relationship, nobility and love, tenderness and purity.

The yellow rose - happiness, sincerity, friendship, it has nothing to do with treason and separation.

There is no better gift than a bouquet of flowers, presented with all my heart and soul

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20 August 2019
Bouquet for the first of September

Soon the streets will be filled with festively dressed schoolchildren, with satchels behind them, hurrying to the first lesson. Excited parents with first-graders and tomorrow's respectable entrants, all in a single rush with flowers in their hands, go on a date with teachers.

The rule of composing bouquets for a first grader
Flowers for a first grader should not: have too long stems; be too big and heavy; have a pronounced aroma, stain and allergy-causing pollen; be too strict, official; be sluggish, able to wither before the holiday line ends.

It’s wonderful if the first-grader’s bouquet for September 1 will symbolize himself - a fervent child, yesterday’s kindergartener. In such a bouquet there should be bright flowers, reminiscent of the end of a carefree summer, and autumn flowers, which are so rich in golden time.
The first-grader bouquet should be small, compact, that is, in shape and weight it is an analogue - the bride’s bouquet, easy to fit in one student’s hand. The first school bouquet should safely and without loss “survive” the line.

In our catalog you will find beautiful bouquets for September 1 with photos, among which are elegant inexpensive options and compositions with exotic flowers. And if you have special wishes, order the creation of an individual bouquet. Florists will execute it according to your ideas and in accordance with the rules for the preparation of flower sets

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06 August 2019
Фрезия - цветок аристократов
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Удивительно нежные, изящные и грациозные цветки фрезии наполняют композиции Букет Экспресс неповторимым шармом, легкостью и элегантностью, а их божественный аромат способен свести с ума каждого. Лепестки фрезии имеют так называемую «стеклянную фактуру», которая проявляется в оригинальности цветовых переходов и словно некоторой прозрачности. В этом заключается магическая привлекательность, внешняя хрупкость и уникальность цветка.
Первоначально фрезии росли только в теплой Африке, и в Европу попали лишь в эпоху путешествий – в 18 веке. Букеты из фрезий стоили очень дорого, потому что цветок с трудом выращивался в холодном климате. Именно поэтому он назывался цветком аристократов, ведь только очень богатые люди могли позволить себе такой букетик. Однако постепенно цветоводы вывели менее капризные и менее теплолюбивые виды фрезий, именно поэтому в наше время этот цветок достаточно легко купить в цветочном салоне.

Цветочная композиция из фрезий

Оригинальная цветочная композиция из фрезий, украшенная декоративной зеленью, статицей или эвкалиптом, станет великолепным подарком и отличным дополнением свадебного или вечернего платья. Кроме того, созданная руками опытного флориста, она может стать отличным украшением интерьера или частью декора банкетного зала. Фрезии хорошо сочетаются с другими цветами, хотя многие флористы считают, что эти растения красивы сами по себе. Особенно нежное сочетание получается с ландышами, тюльпанами и гиацинтами, а более строгое – с розами или лилиями. Удивительно трогательным и необычным будет букет в сочетании с изящными и утонченными каллами. Они отлично дополняют друг друга, создавая по-настоящему легкий, воздушный и нежный образ.
Стоит помнить, что каждый сорт этих цветов обладает своим неповторимым запахом. К примеру, белые имеют самый легкий аромат, фиолетовые – более сладковатый, а красные пахнут слишком резко, поэтому не рекомендуются людям с повышенной чувствительностью или склонностью к аллергии.


  1. Подрезать стебли перед тем, как поставить композицию в воду
  2. Использовать только чистую вазу
  3. Менять воду в вазе не реже 1 раза в 2 дня. Подойдет обычная вода из под крана. И вазу тоже нужно мыть! Можно без мыла и средств, просто ополаскивать
  4. Не ставить вазу рядом с отопительными приборами и батареями
  5. Не оставлять её под воздействием прямых солнечных лучей.

Если бутоны в композиции закрыты — не беда. Значит вам просто привезли очень свежие цветы:) Просто подождите какое-то время, и они раскроются сами, не нужно им “помогать” руками. Самый максимум — бутоны раскроются через 2 дня. Ну а минимум — через пару часов. Средняя стойкость в срезке — 2 недели. Но при правильном уходе срок жизни можно продлить до 3-4 недель. Эти растения не переносят минусовых температур без дополнительного утепления.21.06.201921.06.2019-28982 slider8613 slider

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05 August 2019
How to care for flowers in a box so that they please the recipient as long as possible?

Bouquet in a box - an elite floristic novelty. This design is becoming more and more popular, as it looks unusually original, the flowers retain their impeccable appearance longer, do not need a vase, complicated care. Flowers in a box can be intended for both women and men, depending on the color scheme and decor used by florists.

How to care for flowers in a box?

In order for the Floral Arrangements Bouquet Express to retain their original appearance as long as possible, it is necessary to properly care for the bouquet. A few tips for caring for flowers in hatboxes:

1. The stems of the flowers are placed in a special sponge. They can not be pulled out of the sponge. If you pull out the flowers and then put them back in, the sponge will not “work” and feed the flowers - they will quickly dry out.

2. Place the gift in a place protected from such destructive factors as: draft, direct sunlight, heat sources - lamps, heating radiators.

3. How to water flowers in a box with a sponge? Make sure that it is always slightly moist. Watering the flowers is required daily or every other day with a small amount of water using a small watering can or medical syringe. All water should be absorbed by a sponge.

4. The water before moisturizing the sponge should be settled - use water as for ordinary bouquets

5. How to get rid of excess water if you poured too much? Be sure to drain it!

6. How to extend the life of the composition? Remove fallen petals so that bacteria that adversely affect the flowers do not multiply.

7. How to save flowers even longer? Water them with a specialized nutrient solution.

8. During the heating season, when the air in the room is extremely dry, it is allowed to spray the composition from the spray gun. But make sure that there is no water in the buds, as they will begin to rot.


  1.Pull flowers from the oasis, cut the stems. From this they quickly fade ..

  2.Irrigate with cold tap water. Use settled water at room temperature, as for watering potted plants.

Follow these simple conditions for caring for flowers and bouquets Bouquet Express will delight you as long as possible.

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31 July 2019
Hy is it important to give flowers to women?

A woman is a mystery and a mystery that men cannot unravel for centuries. But, in the opinion of most women of fine sex, they do not need to be untangled - it is enough to love and care.It is very important to give flowers! Not just three times a year: on Valentine's Day, March 8 and birthday, but just so - for no reason. Of course, not all women will have the same benefits: some love gorgeous bouquets of roses, others love wildflowers or miniature bouquets, others love potted plants ... But giving flowers means emphasizing the beauty of the Chosen One, its uniqueness and value.
When a woman is presented with a bouquet, she immediately blossoms before her eyes, perhaps she is blushing or afraid. But even when taken for granted, it, like other beauties, raises the level of oxytocin in the blood. Oxytocin, in turn, causes a sense of satisfaction, reducing anxiety and rest near the partner. Many studies have shown his connection in human relationships, in increasing trust and reducing fear. Oxytocin can affect the areas of the brain responsible for behavior, fear, and anxiety. In turn, men raise testosterone levels as they become more confident, and everyone enjoys seeing a happy second couple.
Moreover, the beautiful half of humanity loves to attract the attention of other women, catching their envious and fascinating looks. Therefore, by giving your lover a chic bouquet at work or among friends, you will thus emphasize the uniqueness of your half and grow in the eyes of other women - a win-win option! :)

We will help you find the right one

If you are in doubt about choosing the right bouquet, you can consult with our consultants - we will surely find the option that best suits your situation and case. Our flower shop offers a selection of flowers and ready-made compositions. Mastering the use of appropriate elements and floral techniques will ensure a guaranteed bouquet that is remembered. How are you. Sometimes a gesture of respect and sympathy is enough for several branches or even one flower, and sometimes the situation requires a gorgeous bouquet or a chic flower basket. Our flower growers can make it special - tailored to your liking.

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