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Quality guarantee

Twice as many quality guarantees from «Bouquet Express»


«Why can I trust the staff of «Bouquet Express»?


This question interests you for obvious reasons. You pay money, you want to give the close people positive emotions and expect a flawless result from us.


We understand you perfectly and totally support you in your efforts to get more and better services from our store.


And we provide guarantees.


  • Strict adherence to timelines.Flowers are usually given on major holidays or memorials. And in this situation timeliness is extremely important. We deliver your order just in time. Order across Ukraine and anywhere in the world is performed during the day. In Kiev it is within two hours from the time of registration of the application.


  • High quality of flowers and aesthetic design.There is no space for compromises. You need the best flowers, the best decoration and best compositions. And the "Bouquet Express" gives them to you . You can choose a ready-made composition or tell your ideas to our manager - and everything will be done right to a tee.


  • Strict compliance with the conditions of the order. You give not just flowers, you give emotions to a certain person with certain tastes. We know how much the details in making the bouquets are important. And our florists will carefully carry out your wishes. Now you can personally oversee the work of the masters over your order. There are webcamsin the salons. Make sure of it yourself!


  • Privacy policy.In the process of carrying out the delivery you leave contact details of the people you love and cherish and, of course, is concerned of their safety. This rule is observed by us without any compromise. These addresses and phone numbers are not shared with outside parties.


  • Security of payments.Payment through online resources is very convenient. But you are concerned about security of your data. We took care of it in advance. All transactions are held in encrypted secure servers through private payment systems. This means that the data on the credit card is in the latent form and is not accessible to unauthorized persons .


  • Refunds. We understand that there is always a human factor or force majeure. If the order was not delivered on time or you do not like its design - make a claim by e-mail within 24 hours and we will return your money. Also we can carry out the following order for free or give significant discounts for the next order.


Cooperation with "Bouquet Express" is a hundred-percent fulfillment of your expectations. Service, quality and only pleasant emotions.


Give joy to the people you love and cherish!